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Cloud Issues

Connection to Remote Live View Has Failed

"Add a Network-Enabled dash cam.."

"The device cannot be located"

Account Issues

Confirmation Link has expired

Connection Issues

Connection Issues iPad/Tablet

Cannot Connect to Hotspot Device

Authentication Error

[Connection Pop-Up] Switch to Mobile Data

[Connection Pop-Up] Internet may not be available

[Android] Cannot Download the Thinkware Cloud App

"Dash Cam not responding"

SD Card Issues

"Memory Card Error"

"Format SD Card for Data Integrity"

Exporting Footage- Error Occurred

Dash Cam displaying the wrong year

Power Issues

Always-On 12V Cigarette Port

iVolt Battery Pack Issues

OBD-II Harness Issues

Not going into Parking Mode

Battery Drainage

Rebooting with a Rear Camera attached

Rebooting or Overheating

Won't Power On


Troubleshooting for Various Situations

[Mac] "DashCam Viewer can't be opened"

"Failed to Export"

Rear Camera Disconnected

System Error

Rear Cam Footage Upside Down

Red Light Camera Issues

GPS Not Connecting

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