(This is not a direct drop in replacement-however the end result looks OEM but sounds so much better)

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Retrosound Classic Car Dual Voice Coil 5x7 Dash Speaker R57N for Stag etc

Some people prefer to remove the dash top to do the installation,

however, it is possible (though difficult) to do without doing so.

Please take care when following the below instructions, they are for a guide only.

Remove the glove box door

Remove the plastic glovebox

Attach speaker wires to the speaker

Cover speaker's electric connections with PVC tape to prevent shorting on the metal of the heater box.

Slide speaker carefully into position - this can be assisted by using one hand through the speaker grill aperture to 'wriggle' the speaker

The speaker is a tight fit between the upper surface of the heater and the lower surface of the dashboard and may not need other fixing.

Ensure that the four 'prongs' on the speaker grill are not going to puncture the speaker material - cut off two of the prongs to ensure that this is not going to be a problem

Reassemble the glovebox

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