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If you are finding that the CD is skipping/jumping, it may be that the player is incompatible with your vehicle, It may just be that the CD is scratched or dirty. To remedy this, you just need to clean the disk, some understanding of how the player actually works is helpful in this situation.

How the CD Player works:

  • Once you insert the CD into the player, the player reads the CD.

  • It then "Caches" (basically, it temporarily saves) all of the information from the CD onto a device within the CD Player, this process takes around 1 minute. It's best not to try to go to the USB source on your radio straight away.

  • The device within the CD Player acts as a memory stick as far as your car radio knows.

  • Once your car radio sees information on the device, the radio then starts its own "Caching" process, this can take a minute too.

  • If there is a problem with the CD (for example, it's dirty/scratched) then the player will attempt to read the CD and this may mean that it "caches" (or saves) the information incorrectly, this will lead to skips/jumps.

  • Naturally the information that has been "saved" stays on the device until a new CD is inserted. (although the player will not work without that CD in the drive).

  • So if you remove the CD, clean the CD and re-insert it, the system knows it is the same CD so doesn't re-write the "cache".

  • If you need to clean the CD, you should remove it from the drive and clean the it. Then insert another CD that is already clean, leave it to "cache" (around 1 minute), then remove the CD and re-insert the original.

  • The skipping and jumping can also be caused if the player is subjected to harsh bumps whilst doing the "caching"

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