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The USB CD Player is a fairly simple product, read the below prior to use:

Before inserting a CD into the player, please start your car (or turn on the car entertainment system) and plug the CD player into the USB port.

Ensure that you plug the CD player into a USB port that is connected to your entertainment system, some cars have charging USB Ports that are not connected to the entertainment system, these ports will not work.

Do not switch to the USB source straight away, leave the stereo on a radio channel for example.

Please ensure that the CD is clean and free from scratches.

Insert the CD into the drive with the label up (the CD Player is correctly oriented when the arrow on the eject button is pointing up)

It may take up to a minute for your entertainment system to recognise the player, although most do so within around 10 seconds. You must have a CD inserted in the drive for the unit to show up.

Once you have inserted the CD, select the USB source (or Media) in your entertainment system menu.

The CD Player does not show track names or album information/artwork, it will just list tracks as Track1, Track 2 etc

If your CD is player is not playing the tracks in sequence (e.g. Tr1, Tr2, Tr3), then ensure that your entertainment system does not have a “Shuffle” or “Random” option switched on.

If your CD player is playing the same track over and over, ensure that “Repeat” is switched off in the entertainment system settings.

Please do not fix the CD player to your dashboard until you have confirmed that It works flawlessly with your vehicle entertainment system.

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