How to wire an Electric Telescopic Antenna


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Wiring a new electric aerial is simple.


1 - Earth (Black Wire) to Chassis Ground (-)

2 - 12v Permanent (Red Wire) to Battery (+) Fused

3 - Switched +12v (Blue wire on Retro Antenna or Green on Hirschmann) to the Blue "Remote" wire on the stereo.

Antenna Wiring

For radios with power antenna "remote" wire, connect the Blue or Green wire from the aerial to the Power Antenna control wire on the radio, normally a Blue wire, may be labeled "Ant Ctrl / Antenna / Remote".

If your radio doesn't have this wire, you can connect the Blue or Green wire to an alternative switched feed.

Connect the Red wire from the antenna to a permanent live, either directly to the battery or to the fuse box, this feed must stay live with the key out, otherwise the aerial will not retract. You should always fuse this wire

Connect the Black wire to the Chassis / bare metal ground Point within the vehicle.

Connect the Coaxial Cable from the Antenna to the radio.


  1. MAINTAINENCE: For best operation and reception, periodically clean the mast (wilst fully extended) with a damp cloth, aprox once a month. (DO NOT OIL OR GREASE THE MAST/MOTOR)
  2. The power antenna is designed to withstand extremely cold temperatures, but under severe icing conditions, the antenna could fail to extend or retract. Should this occur, turn the radio on and off three or four times to help free the antenna mast. The motor will not be damaged if the mast does not extend. A special clutch protects the motor from damage.
  3. Remember to retract the antenna when entering a car wash, garage or low clearance areas.
  4. There are no serviceable parts within the motor assembly and it should not be taken apart. The Warranty will be invalidated if damage is caused by unauthorised accesories, disassembly or for wiring methods other than those recommended.
  5. Periodically inspect the drain tube for blockage or kinks.

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